“The Sacred Goof” is a new collection of twenty-four songs by Bryan Schwartz. The book version contains all the lyrics, each one accompanied by a sparkling original colour image by the illustrator Maren Amini. It can be enjoyed all on its own as a stand-alone work. Readers are encouraged to listen to the studio-produced album as well.

Bryan Schwartz’s first musical “Consoulation” was acclaimed by reviewers as “a great, great journey” “moving and powerful” and as “an ever-timely reminder of the healing power and comfort of art”. His new creation, “The Sacred Goof” will resonate with anyone who has wandered and wondered. Readers will want to return again and again to the humour and magic of its words, images and melodies. While “The Sacred Goof” is crystal clear at first encounter, it is nuanced and layered. Every word in it is chosen for a reason – often, for many reasons.