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This live stage show version of Consoulation premiered in 2018 in Winnipeg, Canada, with a cast of four, and received outstanding reviews. Those attending the premiere run were able to acquire a studio-produced CD and a book version of the show. Now, in 2023, the music and books are available in a variety of formats, including downloads from this at his site and from online streaming services, and purchase of the physical CD and book from places like The story: A middle-aged man, Issac, has just learned that his father passes away. His own little son asks “is your father in heaven”. Isaac retraces, through narrative and song, his own journal through life. He is torn between a wish to believe and a grim realism. As he grows as a creative artist, he asks whether faith is only art – and ultimately whether art itself can be a form of consolation. There is a narrative drive in Consoulation. From hearing a mother’s lullaby at the beginning to ultimately creating his own songs, Isaac’s experiences and creations, prepare him for the response to his little boy’s question. The tales, original poems, and dozens of songs that fill Consoulation are all presented as part of the quest. We hope you enjoy the show!

See the first 18 minutes of the archival show! Full version available upon request.