Please join me with Winnipeg Friends of Israel ?? for a ?Fireside Chat? to address the pressing situation in Canadian universities. Together with moderator Dr. Ruth Ashrai, we will share insights, propose reforms, and engage in a meaningful discussion about the challenges we collectively face. Your participation is highly valued!

Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 7:00 pm
Berney Theater at the Asper Jewish Campus
(123 Doncaster St.)

Event Sponsored by:
➡️ B’nai Brith Canada
➡️ Winnipeg Friends of Israel
➡️ Bridges For Peace
➡️ League for Human Rights of B’nai Brith Canada

Canadian universities have regrettably become breeding grounds for Anti-Semitism, often concealed within anti-Zionist groups. This hostile environment has left Jewish and pro-Israel staff and students feeling threatened, harassed, and silenced. The issue persists and worsens with each conflict escalation in Israel, leading to increased isolation and threats against Jewish students. Waiting for the problem to resolve itself is not an option.

We must act now to ensure that future generations of Jewish children can attend Canadian universities and feel safe, regardless of their faith, identity, or political views.

Law Professor Bryan Schwartz, drawing from his extensive experience at Univ of Manitoba for 40 years, examines why higher education in Canada has transformed into centers for indoctrination and intolerance, with a specific focus on the increasing targeting of Jews and the Jewish state.

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Written by : Jeremy Broekman

Master of Ceremonies/Host. Actor. Sketch Comedy. Schmoozer. Publicist. Marketing Brandman. Mountain man. Family man.

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